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You want to know my definition of lunacy.

My definition of lunacy are the FB posts and general comments attempting to compare the conviction of Bill Crosby with the actions of President Trump or the Catholic Priests accused of sexual misconduct.

After the conviction and sentencing of Crosby IS NOT to lament about the inconsistency and apparent double standard.

I was frankly embarrassed when I witnessed people attempting to justify the acquittal of OJ Simpson with the logic, “white jurors routinely did the same thing for white defendants.”

Are we no better than to sink down to that level as a people? As an Evangelical I am sickened when I am exposed to the sordid history many Caucasians displayed in our nation’s history. I can remember one juror joking the only reason it took the jury a couple of hour to acquit a white defendant was the jury wanted to order lunch.

As sickening as that prevailing attitude was and still remains I can not and will not sink into the same gutter. If I do I lose the moral authority and the name of Christ is sullied. Christ expects, no Christ demands, that we not meet evil with evil.

This past week I engaged in a dialogue with another professing Evangelical and this individual attempted to justify an act committed by the Democrats with the logic, “don’t the Republicans do the same thing.

I wanted to pull the little hair I do have out. This is maddening, not because people (people who embrace the secular worldview) think like this. This is maddening because people who claim allegiance and fidelity to Christ embrace such a pagan worldview.

Man, how many times can I remember my mother saying, “just because fill in the name jumps off the roof doesn’t mean you should jump off the roof too.  I am positive many of you share in this experience.

We will NEVER experience perfect justice in this life.  There will be always be inconsistent application of justice.  OJ Simpson was acquitted on not so much racial lines as financial lines.

I know it is the ideal but justice is supposed to be color-blind.  I get it.  It is not and it will never be.  Similarly, it is easy to adopt a tribe mentality but Evangelicals are called and commanded to be different.

When the issue of Bill Crosby comes to my attention I want to consider its on own merits and not couple it with what is going on in the President Trump (I readily acknowledge I did not vote for him for many of the same reasons I abhor the actions of Crosby.  I equally do not understand how so many Evangelicals decided to cast a vote for him).

Let me close by affirming this reality.  I am the chief of all sinners.  I do not live in a glass house.  I am not against the sin of Bill Crosby without first being against and disgusted by my own sins.  I wrestle with, attempt to confront and repent from a myriad of personal sins each and every day.  I do not write from a perspective “they have a problem.”  I concede, “we all have a problem.”

I do not care if the person is black, white, yellow or purple.  I am against any actions that is contrary to the Word of God and the character of God.  When the topic of Bill Crosby comes up like it did when he was sentenced that is NOT the time to lament about President Trump.

That conversation is valid and important for discussion and debate at the appropriate time.  When we speak of Bill Crosby I would hope the offer of forgiveness and reconciliation is part of the conversation.  I would hope universal repudiation of the action would be part of the conversation.  I would hope confession, contrition and repentance would be part of Bill Crosby’s conversation.

Evangelicals we must NOT be swayed and lead by the culture.  We are expected to sway and lead the culture.  Lead it by shining our light bright into the darkness that is our world.  Offering the Good News of Jesus Christ as the only panacea for what ails the human condition.

Otherwise, lunacy will continue to rule and reign.  It will continue to creep into the church and it will leave us impotent and forsaken by God Himself.  We can do better.  We must do better.

I trust God for His remnant.  He will NEVER be left without a voice upon the Earth.  The question for all of us to consider is “Who’s message are we proclaiming.”

Those who attempt to excuse away or justify the actions of Bill Crosby are pawns of the evil one.

I know some will not agree.  If you do not please elaborate as to how I am missing the mark. I welcome the dialogue.

Keep your hands to the plow.

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