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Evangelicals & Linear Reasoning

Famed African American actress, Regina King, one of Hollywood’s hot flavors of the day, spoke at the Academy Awards this past Sunday about her fears for her African American son while driving. All I can say is her fears, though probably very sincere, are still nonetheless sincerely unfounded.

Lebron James famously tweeted the following wholly irrational statements

On May 6, 2020, James tweeted

We’re hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step outside the comfort of our homes. Can’t even go for a damn job man. Like WTF man are you kidding me ?!?!?!?!?!?!? No man fr ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I’m sorry Ahmaud (Rest in Paradise) and my prayers and blessing sent to the ….

On August 24, 2020, James tweeted

We are scared as Black people in America … Black men, Black women, Black kids. We are terrified.

As ill-informed as both tweets were, and there are many more I could easily add, James’ most egregious tweet came on April 21, ironically the same day of the George Floyd trial announcement.

James tweeted the cryptic words “YOU’RE NEXT” #ACCOUNTABILITY with an hourglass emoji over an image of one of the officers at the scene of sixteen-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, where the Police had no choice but to shoot and killed as Bryant wielded a knife to inflict mortal harm upon two young females.

James ignorantly double-downed on his gross ignorance with the following tweet after he came under understandable condemnation from people on both the Right (no surprise there) AND the Left (huge surprise there)

I’m so damn tired of seeing Black people killed by Police. I took the tweet down because it’s being used to create more hate-This isn’t about one officer. its about the entire system and they always use our word to create more racism. I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY.

            The narrative that African Americans are an endangered species because of the Police is patently and blatantly false; it is friggin Stinkin Thinkin on steroids.  Now, I do not deny there is racial bias, consciously and more times subconsciously, when it comes to Police interaction with minorities but to posit that the major cause of African American pathology is Law Enforcement is utterly devoid of any sanguine dialogue or any empiricl data to support such a postulation.

How in the world does the narrative become the Police, the Police, when in a given year, we can have 8k AAs killed by private citizens (almost exclusively by another AA) and only twelve unarmed AA killed by the Police? I am by no means a math wizard, but I am erudite enough to know the stark difference between eight thousand and twelve. What village idiot spends any time dealing with the twelve instead of the eight thousand?

Where are the tweets from Lebron James about the epidemic of Black-on-Black crimes that take place on a LITERAL daily basis all across the American landscape but especially in the inner cities?

            Where is the fear emanating from Regina King concerning her son, who is far more likely to be gunned down by someone Black or Brown?

            God bless both Regina King and Lebron James. They are both accomplished in their respective vocational fields, but away from their specialty, they demonstrably demonstrate no one seeking serious answers to serious problems should spend one scintilla of any time listening to anything they have to say regarding social issues. If you give credence to their arguemnts that you too are an Emperor with no clothes.

            Lest I spend too much time not explicitly addressing the thesis of this blog post, I submit there is a gross failure of both King and James to apply logic to their public ramblings. My logic is elementary: B never takes, or very rarely takes place if A never takes place. That simple logic is unassailable but I recieve pushback all the time!

            People do not like my appeal to linear resasoning as they will quickly charge I am simply blaming the victim. I admit on some level that charge has a ring of truth attached to it, but what is wrong with that. If I cold-cock someone after they struck me (justified or not), is it still not true if they had not struck me in the first place, then I would not have cold-cocked them in retaliation. B necessarily follows A! That is straight facts, homey!

James angrily laments he is tired of seeing Black people killed by the Police. My simple retort in the Bryant case is what in the Jiminy-Crickets did James desire the Police Officer in question to do.

Thankfully, I see more and more people display great courage and push back from the insipid thinking of Social Justice Warriors like King Lebron. I salute them. I resolutely stand with them because I ain’t drinking the poison that Satan is dispensing.

Lenny Dykstra, former major-league baseball player and by no means a paragon of virtue himself, tweeted on April 21, 2021

On behalf of pro athletes, current and former, I apologize for how #Lebron James just showed his inner Maxine Walters and made a very real, ongoing threat to the life of the officer who quickly acted to prevent a knife attack from becoming worse. Many of us appreciate what LEOs do! Editor note: LEO=Law Enforcement Officers (it took me a minute to understand what the term meant myself)

Someone I do not recognize; Clay Travis, tweeted the following on the same day

Lebron James doxes, police officer who saved a teenage girl from being stabbed to death, demands officer be held accountable, sets new record for athlete stupidity.

            If the sixteen-year-old never wields said knife, she never encounter the Police on April 21, period, end of story, full-stop! If Regina King’s son obeys the laws of the road wherever he resides then and does not participate in illegal behavior, his chances of being assaulted by the Police become greater than being hit by lightning.

            Wake me when King, James, and most of the readers of this blog post get angry about the ubiquitous killing of Black & Brown life that occurs daily. Yeah, I am afraid to leave my Aunt’s porch when I come to Chicago, but it is most certainly not due to my fear of the Poo-Poo.             I do not buy for one iota of a second you are angry either. I do not see angry mobs marching on elected official’s homes when a nine-year-old is gunned down for visiting her neighborhood McDonald’s as happened last Sunday (4/18/2021) in Chicago. I do not see people shutting down the Interstate in Chicago for another senseless weekend of inner-city killings like many witnessed the past couple of summers in Chicago.

Yes, I am acutely aware there are the occasional local neighborhood protests. Some even make it beyond local communities, but it is never to the extent or with the venom we see when a cop, usually Caucasian, shoots an African American. Just this past week, another African American was shot and killed by the Police in North Carolina.

As expected, the family of the slain individual went on TV to complain. I heard the audiotape of the mother complaining vociferously her son “keep his hands on the wheels and yet still got shot by the Police.” She conveniently left out the part where her son attempted to evade arrest by attempting to flee the scene. Oh, she left out the part where the Police had her son on videotape illegally selling drugs.

            I reiterate if you eliminate A; then you almost stop B from ever taking place. We live in a severely flawed and sinful world, so we will never eliminate B from taking place altogether. The Evangelical worldview and only the proper Evangelical worldview accounts for this malady and offers the only elixir to the problem.

            The malady, the probem is S-I-N! It has been ever-present since Adam, not Eve, act the forbidden fruit. Although Jesus Christ rose from the grave and defeated the curse and hold of sin Evangelicals nonetheless understand we live in an Already But Not Yet Eschatological Reality. For those keeping score at home in theological terms “already but not yet” teaches are already seen as bein seated in heavenly places but I as I type this blog post I do so from my Aunt Minnie’s kitchen table. Another way to understand the phrase is to understand Jesus Christ’s reign as King of King and Lord and Lord began when He rose from the dead on Resurrection yet His rule and reign is spiritual in nature. He reigns and rules in the hearts of those who follow Him as both Lord and Savior. One day, real soon, His reign and rule will be explicit, direct and open for all to see. The Bible teaches He will rule with a fist of iron from His throne in Jerusaem (see Isaiah 10 as just one example of many I could proffer)

           As Dr. Albert Mohler is so keen to say time and time again, Evangelicals understand all too well; we will never experience perfect justice in this life. The unregenerate will find this answer totally inadequate, but for the Evangelical, we do not share that luxury as the Word of God holds our conscience captive.

        I do not fear the Police. The Police are not the problem, contrary to Lebron James’ ignorant rant, I am not afraid every time I leave my porch that I will be gunned down by the Police. Nor am I pertrified when I am in Cibolo in my neighborhood, but I am petrified when I visit my family who lives on the Southside of Chicago. It is frankly embarrassing it is far safer for me to go running Westward when I run in Chicago rather than Eastward.

       Why? Good question.The answer is Westward, where the people living there are predominantly Caucasian, and Eastward is almost exclusively African American. Totally embarrassing to admit publicly but oh so true! Nearly as embarrassing as the putridly decificient the worldview of Regina King and Lebron James.

Until the next time, let me know what you think. Keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One.

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