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Wading into the deep waters

Much like the Apostle Paul feeling he was “obligated” to preach I have come to the conclusion I am being “obligated” by God to enter into the conversation of Evangelicals and their participation in politics.  I am concerned specifically how Evangelicals are supporting political candidates, especially the office of President of the United States.

I believe both the African- American and Caucasian Evangelicals community have seriously eschewed their sacred trust endowed upon them as God’s prophetic voice upon the Earth.

I believe writing is one of the avenues God has gifted me to speak from a critical-thinking perspective that has been largely silent, especially from an African-American perspective.

My writing giftedness is pretty basic, it is not on the level of eloquence on the par of Shakesphere but I do believe I have the ability to communicate and bring God’s Gospel to bear.

I would only ask that people who visit this blog would join me in prayer. If this is not of God then it will fail, plain and simple.  Yet, if this is indeed of God then He will be glorified and use it as He sees fit.

I am paradoxically excited and mortified at the same time.  I am a simple boy who loves to think of himself as from Mississippi.  Yet, I believe God has prepared me for this task.

Only time will reveal if God’s hand is at work. I am excited for the journey as I know if this is God’s prompting then Satan is already girding himself up to “kill, steal and destroy.” I am leaning forward with the promise of Christ that He came so I can have life to the full.

Looking forward to the journey.

With my much fear and trembling


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