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Theological Cowardice

Christianity continues to be under attack. That is not so surprising considering Christ prophesied such would be the case.  The alarming issue is most of the attacks that are gaining traction is not from without but from within.  You will notice I did not classify the attacks from within as surprising, only as alarming, because Christ equally foretold there would professing believers who cause other believers to stumble in their faith.

The alarm concerning the internal attacks is the identity of some of the main culprits.  In recent weeks I have been exposed to mega-pastor Rick Warren making an appearance at the Vatican and proclaiming the Pope as “Our Pope.” I have been exposed to the President (J.D. Greear) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) opining, “Sexual sins are one where God whispers but materialism is one where He shouts.”  Beth Moore has aggressively embraced the egalitarian (belief that women are ordained by God to Pastor and have authority over men) revolution and staked a claim that it is legitimate for a woman to perform an act (exercising authority within the collective church) that the Holy Writ (1 Timothy 2) could not be any clearer concerning who is authorized to minister the Word of God to the collective body of Christ.  Andy Stanley, considered by some sources as the pastor of the second largest congregation in the US, is gaining traction by declaring Evangelicals should “unhitch” themselves from the Old Testament.

It seems the landscape is changing at a breakneck pace and some of the most influential voices in the Evangelical community are declaring Biblical positions that are dubious at best and approaching, if not already falling, into the category of heretical teaching.

I did not grow up as a member of the SBC so I do not possess any emotional or familial attachment to the organization.  There are grumblings of an up swell of support for Beth Moore to become the next president of the SBC.  My first exposure to the ministry of Beth Moore was positive.  Due to her particular ministry to women I had no first-hand knowledge of her particular beliefs or Christian worldview but the women of the church I attended at the time raved about her.  It seemed she was the “go-to” Christian female leader for small group women Bible studies and conferences and seminars.

Yet, it appears that a ministry that began with a good reputation and positive influence has morphed into something that no Evangelical who desires to be faithful to the text of Scripture should align themselves.   I encourage all readers to investigate for themselves what Beth Moore actually believes and teaches and reach their own conclusions.  I have weighed Beth Moore and found her wanting.  When an professing Evangelical joins together with the likes of Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen they cease to be people Evangelicals should listen to or follow theologically.

This must be a vetting of everyone who proposes to speak for God. The Bible admonishes Evangelicals that Love must be sincere. Detest what is evil; cling to what is good (Romans 12:9) and to test everything; hold fast what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21). It is insincere to give quarters who teaches in different to the revealed Word of God.  There is plenty of room for disagreement over secondary issues but no the central areas and also where God speak in clear explicit terms.

Some will claim when an Evangelical criticizes another professing Evangelical they are not being loving.  The most loving thing an Evangelical can do is to point out error whenever and wherever it is found. Our love must always be prioritized.  Above all else, with no close second, should be to love God with all of our heart, mind, body, soul and strength.  We are then to love our neighbor as ourselves.  We can not begin to approach loving God without loving the Word of God and by application every believer thereafter.

My main issue revert backs to the title of this article which is theological cowardice by many who are aware of egregious teachings but do not sound the alarm. Many seems to be more concerned with political correctness or not “rocking the boat” than being the Watchman that God called Ezekiel to be in the OT.

If I fail to warn my children about some spiritual defect then their blood is upon my hands (Ezekiel 3:17) or if I fail to warn someone in the Bible Study I attend on Sunday mornings/Thursday evenings of some Biblical error being proclaimed then their blood is upon my hands (Ezekiel 33).  If I am aware of any issues and do not share that information after authoring many blog posts that I have not been a diligent steward of the resources and platform the Lord has made available for me.

It is not good enough to speak in vague generalities.  I abhor when Evangelicals, who have the requisite platform to speak to large segments of the Evangelical community, bring up issues but are reluctant to identify the culprit by name.  When this is done the person on the receiving end of the vague warnings are not properly equipped to eliminate the offender from further reflection and exposure.

Maybe this person who is being referred to is someone I am mistakenly being influenced by and should not be listening to.  None of us are perfect and can be aware of all erroneous doctrines some purported teacher is guilty of.

That is why I identify the individuals I am aware of by name.  I believe Evangelicals should eliminate Rick Warren and Beth Moore from further consideration.  I believe Evangelicals need to be aware of the Andy Stanleys of the Evangelical community and the dangerous trajectory his teaching has for the church.  I want Evangelicals who are members of the SBC to hold J.D. Greear accountable for the positions he takes and communicates to the larger body.

We are living in perilous times. It was recently reported a seminary president (female) actually made public she does not believe in the Virgin Birth, miracles or the Resurrection. She is not fit to be a seminary president left alone an Evangelical.

Her name is Serene Jones and she is the president of Union Theological Seminary in New York. She made her comments in an article by Nicholas Kristin of the New York Times.

I grieve and only wish these individuals will repent before it is too late.

With much fear and trembling.

Keep your hand to the plow!

Until the next time, Lord willing!

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