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Fault and it’s complexity in assessing blame. It is not always so black and white.

I know it is not politically correct to state so in our highly charged “Me Too” movement but I would have never convicted Mike Tyson of rape, absent of overwhelming physical evidence.

If anyone is informed about that case they would readily remember the verdict came down to the credibility of the accuser versus the credibility of Mike Tyson.

The physical evidence was inconclusive so the prosecutor was forced to build their case on circumstantial evidence. That is certainly not unprecedented but since we passionately advocate a system where is the accused is considerated innocent until proven guilty I believe the circumstantial evidence must rise to a high threshold.

Why do I take my position? Mike Tyson, at the time, was widely known as a very promiscuous, sexually, aggressively male. In fact, he had met and interacted with the accuser earlier in the day at a beauty pageant that Mike Tyson visited earlier that same day. Mike Tyson was reported to display inappropriate (to most of us) physical behavior while he mingled with the contestants. It should have been apparent to anyone who interacted with Mr. Tyson he was on the “prowl.”

Mike Tyson called the accuser around 2AM the following morning . Now, where I grew up we had a term to describe that type of behavior. It was known to both sexes when a member of the opposite sex is calling you at this time of the morning what their clear and unmistakable intent and desires are.

I understand very clearly “No” means “No” but the only two human being who know with certainty what actually took place are the accuser and Tyson. Remember the physical evidence was inconclusive so there was no “smoking gun” if you would.

Absent of any such compelling physical evidence and based on the accuser’s extremely poor judgment (she actually had to get out of her hotel bed, get dressed, go downstairs and get into Tyson’s limo) I believe that would justify the grounds for reasonable doubt.

As a father of two girls my immediate concern after an event like the one ” alleged” would be their physical safety. Once that hurdled was addressed my main concern and inquiry to my daughter would be, “what the —- were you thinking? “Why would you put your inside in that situation?”

I fully understand my responsibility as a male and thankfully I was raised to respect women. I could never see myself forcing myself sexually on a female. I affirm when men cross the line and it is proven BEYOND a reasonable doubt that capital punish is an equitable response.

Neither am I advocating the defense the woman in this case “asked for it” or “she brought it upon herself” or “she had it coming.” Whenever it can proven by the evidence a physical assault has taken place those reasons are never a grounds of a justifiable defense. But again, that was NOT the case in the Tyson trial.

Before my thesis is lost in translation we live in a society where personal accountability is lost to a large degree. It is far too often “the other person fault.” I will never know the extent of Tyson’s culpability but I don’t believe the accuser in this case has NO culpability.

Whether it is African-Americans blaming “the man” for their inability to prosper or a American blaming “the (you fill in the blank) for why America is not great it is intellectually and morally lazy.

I had to learn through the crucible of life the biggest liability in my marriage is “yours truly.” While my wife is not sinless the only factor I can control and will give an account for before God is the guy I see in the mirror each day.

If you to ask a professing Evangelical “who is worst sinner they know” if the answer is not a resounding “me” than they have not really began to understand the concept of human sinfulness.

This thesis does not fail to recognize the sin of others and all the compounding factors associated with living in a fallen world but each time we sin it is ultimately a person decision we will one day give an account before a Righteous Judge who knows perfectly all the relevant data regarding every situation that takes place in time and place.

The Bible says when judgement begins it will begin with the House of God. When we stand before God we will not be able to pass off our responsibility on to others. We won’t be able to pass the buck and blame our plight on neglectful parents or an non-submissive spouse.

Let us know remember it will b a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. He will suffer from a lack of information and will impart perfect justice.

To the Elect: Keep your hand to the plow and serve for an Audience of One!

To those who are not yet elect: Consider the truth claims of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I implore before it is too late.

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