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Evangelicals & Wokeism

The older you get, the worse you get.

            If you grew up anything like me, you had parents that used various cliches repeatedly. The aforementioned one that begins this blog post was one of my father’s favorite. Little did I understand how prescient that expression would have for the real world in adulthood. Unbeknownst to me at the time, many of my friends, it appears they are getting less wise as they age. Believe it or not, I am really trying to be gracious here. I believe I could rightly use stronger terms, but I am in a great mood, so I will try the soft approach in this blog article.

            Just last week, I had a close friend of mines attempt to poke the bear when he sent me a PowerPoint slide detailing the disparity in executions in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Of the 554 executions in Virginia, 513 were African American in the 19th Century. Of the 377 executions in Virginia in the 20th Century, 296 were African American. In my friend’s worldview, these raw facts ALONE proved the system is guilty of systemic racism.

            This type of logic is patently false and would not pass muster in any first-year college logic course. High school students should not even make reckless claims like this, but in this case, people who possess Philosophy of Doctorate degrees are making such bogus and ill-founded claims.

            Unless you can demonstrate that another ethnicity committed the same type of crimes worthy of capital murder, simply drawing attention to the numerical disparity alone is asinine. I would submit the sad, but the honest truth is African Americans commit an outsized number of crimes that qualify for the death penalty. I believe that to be the most simple explanation for the disparity. In fact, Occam Razor’s would indicate the absence of any compelling reason to do so otherwise you will be served to accept the most obvious explanation.             If you choose to submit the disparity is systemic racism, then guess what? The onus is now on you to prove your claim. Simply pointing out the numerical disparity does not tell us anything.             My greatest aggravation is the lack of accountability too many African Americans display for the African American community’s pathology. Over 70% of children born in African American households have no father in the home. How can that be blamed on white privilege? By the way, the data shows people of African descent who migrated to America perform demonstrably better than second and three generations African Americans who are born here.

            I will make this blog relatively shorter than my typical post. I have to be at a fraternity engagement at 10 AM. I will write more in the coming posts about the New Religion gaining sway in the Evangelical community. The New Religion is Wokeism.             This pagan ideology is hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but just as many African Americans collectively yawned about the insidiousness of the Black Lives Matter National Organization many are displaying the same apathy about Wokeism.

            The Bible says the people of God perish for a lack of knowledge. This lack of knowledge is certainly not because the information is not readily available. It is because this generation is just like the generation of Noah’s day. The Evangelical Church is at ease in Zion, marrying and being given in marriage. All the while, Satan is introducing vain philosophy into the culture of the Church.

Where are the Pastors who are supposed to be guarding the sheep? I will tell you where they are; they are on the frontline advocating this poison. Yet, you, the lay member, will not be able to use your Pastor as an excuse. The Good Book demands we study to show thyself approved. A workman would then need not be ashamed because they are rightly dividing the Word of God.

No one will be able to claim they did not know. If you don’t, I would humbly submit it because you chose not to want to know. How in the world did I find out these truths? Because it is my meat and drink to do the will of God. I read, and I listen to the right people. I do as the Bible commands: I watch as well as pray.

            One of my momma’s favorite cliches was “Charity starts at home and then spreads abroad.” While it is certain, this expression did not originate with her; there is still a tremendous amount of truth attached to this time-honored trith.             As my dear friend, Anita Hopper, reminded me just yesterday, the tendency to shift the blame away from us started long ago in the Garden. The woman blamed the Serpent, and the man blamed the woman. 

            Is Wokeism here to stand? I do not have the foggiest. What I do know is that being Woke is not consistent with the Orthodox Evangelical Worldview. Thus, no Evangelical committed to fidelity with Jesus Christ will remain passive and hopes the problem magically just goes away.             Sorry, that is not how it works. Jude prophesied Evangelicals must contend for the faith. Contend entails “combat.” Thus, we are to actively be involved in spiritual warfare denouncing any ideology hostile to the Gospel. I would submit being Woke to be one such case.

As always, let me know what you think. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One.

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