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Evangelicals & Consequences

A follower gently corrected me in my last post, so I dare not commit the same faux pas this time and refer to Joseph Biden as the President-Elect. Instead, I will refer to him as the presumptive POTUS, based on the votes cast in this year’s Presidential election. Now, with that technicality hopefully put to rest, let us turn to the matter at hand.

Dr. Albert Mohler posted a blog article this week ( detailing how the LBGTQ+ sycophants wasted no time whatsoever throwing down their gauntlet. The LGBTQ+ community demands total obeisance to their call for complete and utter capitulation to their LBGTQ+ insipid worldview.

Lest you think my assessment is unwarranted, please note the following from Dr. Mohler’s blog article:

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has recently issued a document directed at the incoming administration entitled Blueprint for Positive Change 2020. The Blueprint demands that President-elect Biden adopt a legislative agenda and enact specific executive orders that are in line with the LGBTQ+ movement—a movement that Biden pledged to champion.

There must never be any confusion regarding the maxim Actions have Consequences. I have witnessed AA Evangelicals repeatedly attempt to justify their political support of a Biden Presidency because they concluded that President Trump was an avowed racist. Let me state at the onset; such a bold allegation is a total red herring, and even more than that, it is complete BS.

It is a red herring and complete BS because AAs have repeatedly shown they align themselves almost exclusively to the Democratic Party. I often inquiry of AA when they postulate racism as their reason for voting Democratic, the last time they voted for a Republican Presidential candidate. Surely, they would not postulate that every Republican candidate has been a racist, would they?

            Not John McCain? How about George Bush? Come on, not Mitt Romney too? How about Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, or Alan Keys? Surely, AAs would not accuse fine AAs like Herman Cain, Ben Carson or Alan Keys of being racists, so they surely voted for these brothers when they ran for the highest office in the land in the Republican primaries. I can confidently proclaim I have yet to meet one AA who has voted for any Republican candidate, no matter the race.

Thus, I conclude they would have never voted for Donald Trump, no matter his reputation. What is friggin amazing, in my opinion, is the typical AA chooses to be adamantly and toxically in opposition to the Trump Presidency when his policies have been demonstrably advantageous to the AA community. I will just mention, in passing, the historic low unemployment AAs experienced under the Trump presidency.

            But, lest I digress too far afield, let me quickly return to the topic at hand. AAs and especially AA Evangelicals will be significantly culpable in Biden having the opportunity and the political authority to enact these policies that will directly assault religious liberty. I direct your attention back to the last line of the Mohler article I cited earlier: a movement that Biden pledged to champion.

            Donald J. Trump may very well be racist, but I will never have absolute certitude, one way or the other. Of course, if asked, President Trump would deny such a caustic allegation like the vast majority of people would do if he was confronted with such a base allegation. Yet, there is no ambiguity whatsoever regarding the intent of Joe Biden concerning his LGBTQ+ worldview. The HRC is aggressively proclaiming their radical agenda because they smell blood in the waters. Biden ran unapologetically on the agenda of embracing the LGBT+ agenda, and the HRC is demanding their political comeuppance.

            The LGBTQ+ coalition enthusiastically threw their support to Mr. Biden, and they know full well it is time to cash in their chips. They are astutely striking while the irons are hot. They are almost salivating in advancing their agenda. AA Evangelicals in particular, and Evangelicals in general, have no one to blame for ourselves.

            The question of President Trump’s racial disposition notwithstanding, there were still a plethora of well-qualified candidates from the Republican Party in 2016 readily available. I personally voted for Ted Cruz, but there were many others one could have easily been chosen. For reasons I do not believe I will ever understand, Donald J. Trump won and became the 2016 Republican nomination.

            So, Evangelicals, we better get ready to buckle and strap on our big-boy pants because the Radical Left is acoming and acoming hard they are poised to come. I predict (and no, I am not the son of a prophet nor a prophet myself) we will witness an all out full-court assault on religious liberty.

            One of life’s most popular maxims is Be careful what you ask for. I confidently forecast the future will reveal my prognostication to be as true now as it has frequently been in times past. As only Dr. Mohler can, I invite the reader to please take special notice of his analysis of the matter from a US Government policy statement. Dr. Mohler writes of the HRC’s declaration and its implication for life at the US State Department under a Biden presidency.

In the Department of State, for example, the Blueprint urges the department to, “include a non-binary gender marker and modernize existing requirements for updating gender markers on United States’ passports.” Such policy proposals would upend a system specifically designed to quickly and accurately identify individuals for the purposes of safety and security. Hence this is why, when reporting a crime or a missing person, a police officer will ask you if the suspect or missing person is male or female. Passports are designed for specificity in order to promote safe travel throughout the United States and around the world—a policy likely to be undermined by a passport that includes “non-binary” gender markers and is “modernized” for our cultural moment. All this contributes to the elimination of gender or sex as a meaningful category – which is not accidental. If the intention is to remake humanity, the passport will have to be redefined.

Soon, if the HRC gets their way (and they will not relent until they do so), our society will lose the ability to converse in a cogent manner. How will police be able to function when communicating a description of a suspect? What about professors on college campuses? What will I do when (if I stay around long enough, it will not be a matter of “if” it will most definitely be a “when”) a female demands to be issued a male uniform or insist she is addressed as Sir.

I must draw this blog to a close but let me state so sarcastically to my AA Evangelicals brethren, “Thanks for friggin nuttin.” I have looked at the enemy, and the enemy is “inside the wire” and he walks amongst us in plain sight.

Donald Trump, racist or not? I have no idea. I have never met the man, so that I will stay in my lane on that one. Joe Biden, an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of all things LGBTQ+? That question is a softball that I can easily hit out of the park: All-day, every day, and twice on Sundays!

I am not saying the question is ever easy, but Republicans did not have to choose Donald Trump in 2016, but we had to live with that decision. AA Evangelicals did not have to select Biden Joe, and we will now live with the consequences of that decision.

Let me know what you think. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek ot serve for an Audience of One.

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