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Why I deplore politics as presently constituted

While I am sure there are issues I would disagree about I am extremely appreciative of the late Senator John McCain’s integrity.  He was known as a “maverick,” principally because he would often buck the system and vote against his own party if he was convinced the policy was not in the best interest of the country.

It is tired and morally inexcusable we have a political system where regardless of the issue and it’s merit people align themselves to a political system.  A perfect example is the candidacy of  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. With few exceptions the Republicans are supporters while the Democrats are in opposition.

The merits and qualifications for a Supreme Court Justice should be adjudicated with consideration concerning only the prospective candidate’s academic, legal and moral standing.  Does the candidate possess a solid track record of jurisprudence? Has the candidate exhibited a track record of distinguished service over a considerable period of time? Those are the only type of  questions a fair-minded person should be considered with.  Our constitution affords the President the right to nominate individuals of their choosing.  I believe the Senate does not possess the moral/ethical authority to vote against a candidacy along ideological lines.  I admit both parties are guilty of this abuse of power.

It is interesting most of the individuals who rise to the level of Supreme Court nominee status typically come from the Appellate Court where they go through a vetting process. While I recognize there is a potential higher level of scrutiny associated with the vetting at the Supreme Court level you would assume information that could have been known at the Supreme Court level was available at the Appellate level.

Candidate Kavanaugh sailed through his confirmation as an Appellate Judge. It is shameful that at the “11th hour” Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein raised the red flag concerning an allegation that allegedly took place 35 years ago.

Excuse me for my abject cynicism but I doubt if the timing was not politically motivated. Absent of an outright case of lying by Judge Kavanaugh I do not believe a person should be classified as “unqualified” or not worthy because of an act thirty-five years in their past.

I am currently being considered for a pastorate and I shudder to think if the committee attempted to base my qualifications upon an action 35 years in my past, especially if it is an act for which I have repented and turned away from.

As an aside, temporal proximity is an act ripe for misapplication. When believers speak of their salvation, many of them concentrate on a past decision in a long ago past. As I understand the Holy Writ the Bible posits belief/faith as an ever present reality. It is a present reality with continual action. So when I express or provide my testimony I always speak of my present belief in Christ, not some action or decision I made when I was twelve (I am now 54).

It is important to understand I am not discounting remembering or celebrating when a person “came to Christ.” I am only attempting to point out our confidence should be based on what is taking place now.

I hope we have all changed significantly over a 35 year period. Even if the alleged action took place, and if so it is a grievous act, unless the person who committed the act is unrepentant or found to be dishonest that act alone would not disqualify them from consideration (in this writer’s opinion).

I am saddened with our current status of politics and Evangelicals must never be guilty of such shameful actions.  Even if that means the outcome does not go in our favor we can live as authentic representatives of our Risen King who will one day come to judge and reward those who let their light shine so their action glorified their Father who art in heaven if we act with integrity and fairness.

I say pox on the head of our politicians who exhibit conduct which means they resort to whatever means necessary to accomplish their agenda.  Evangelicals do not engage in actions that are immoral, unethical, unlawful or non-biblical.

Shame on the Democrats in this case and shame on Republicans who resort to the same deplorable action.  The means DO NOT justify the ends.

Evangelicals, we must reject PRAGMATISM at all costs.  We must only champion what is true, not what works!

I always welcome your feedback.  Keep your hands to the plow and serve for an Audience of One!

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