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Evangelicals & Political Engagement

Absent any malice or crass arrogance; I want to state my thesis very clearly and very forthrightly. I submit for your solemn consideration anyone voting for any candidate from the Democratic Party is either non-regenerated or, if they are regenerated, they are walking in gross disobedience. I write not as one who naively believes he has mastered the art of theological erudition, but I believe the matter is clear and obvious. The Democratic Party is a rank, godless entity at its very core and foundation.

How this is not obvious to a large swatch of Evangelicals defies human comprehension in my humble but biblically grounded understanding. You have a political entity disobeying the explicit teaching of the Holy Scriptures. A newborn believer would heartily affirm these very Holy Scripture, even if they do not grasp the full import of the proposition found therein.

The Democratic Party actively assaults the sanctity of life, mocks the ordination of marriage, and impugns the Creator’s grounding of gender as He sovereignly wills. Even as I type these three issues, I continue to be flabbergasted that Evangelicals, many professing.

faith and allegiance to Jesus Christ as their supreme potentate for decades, not days, imbibe with this gross and heinous ideology. Tragically, they do so without blushing.

I vividly remember these chilling words from a close friend who professes fidelity to Jesus Christ. He told me he was “a staunch Democrat.” A staunch Democrat, not a reluctant Democrat, not a Democrat who believes he has no other choice based on the racist character of the Republican nominee. No, he is a staunch Democrat. According to what faithful reading of the Holy Writ can anyone truly regenerated believer proclaim they staunchly align with those who legitimatize the slaughter of life created in the Imago Dei.

Seriously, that is not a rhetorical question. I need someone, anyone please, to spend some time with me and treat me like I am entirely new to this planet and have no understanding of your ways. I need someone to hold me by the hands and speak to me like you were teaching me the ABCs or my multiplication tables.

Yet, I know these things can never take place. I confess it is dicey to employ the use of terms like never, but this is not one of those dicey times. I feel so strongly about this matter I have written a book. The title is Weighed and Found Wanting. It is an analysis of Evangelical Political Engagement in America. I believe both the Caucasian & African American segments of the Evangelical community in America are eschewed significantly and profoundly.

I understand I am not addressing many other important ethnic communities in the Evangelical landscape. Still, I know my limitations, so I will hone in on the areas I feel best qualified to address. I know there is a legitimate matter to address in those other ethnic communities. I will trust the sovereignty of God to adjudicate those matters.

My book, Weighed and Found Wanting, is the first of two volumes, Lord willing. For hopefully obvious reasons (remember, I am African American), I felt a burden to address the African American perspective first. I write in the spirit of the Watchman from the Book of Ezekiel (3:17 & 33:1-11). If I do not speak about the matter, then the Bible forebodes that God will judge me guilty with the blood upon my hands. Yet, if I speak, then the matter resides on the individual sinner for their sin though I sounded the alarm.

Lord willing, Volume II will address the duplicity of the Caucasian Evangelical community. Remember my recounting of my close friend, who is a staunch Democrat. For equally perplexing reasons, I still find today Caucasian Evangelicals who passionately support the candidacy of Donald J. Trump (DJT). So much so, some clamor for DJT to run in 2024. One Republican leader in Congress, when speaking about the ouster of Liz Cheney, spoke about DJT as the leader of the Republican Party.

Playing off the staunch terminology, I confess I did vote for DJT in 2020. I did not do so in 2016, but I became convinced it was biblically permissible for me to do so in 2020. I am not 100% sure I was biblically correct to do so, and I stand ready to be corrected when I stand before Jesus Christ on that Day.

Yet, this I DO KNOW. If I am alive and there is an election in 2024. If there is such a thing as 2024, there is no chance whatsoever; I will vote for DJT, period, end of story, full-stop. You see, the thesis of my forthcoming book about Caucasian Evangelical Political Engagement will address the gross hypocrisy I see from many in the Caucasian Evangelical Community.

The Moral Majority, the Religious Right, spent the decade of the 80s & 90s waxing poetically about the absolute necessity of Character & Virtue. Both parties mentioned above and many from the political Right vilified President William Jefferson Clinton for his moral transgressions. They convinced me they were correct biblically, yet all those musings went out the window when DJT ran for POTUS in 2016.

Consequently, I say a pox on both of their heads. The African American and the Caucasian Evangelical communities are, in my estimation, found Weighed and Found Wanting. I seek to make my case in Volume I by looking at the matter from the African American angle.

I ask that you consider purchasing a copy of my book and see if my argument can win the day. Maybe I will convince you. Perhaps I will not, but I believe my book at least warrants your thoughtful consideration.

I believe for many in the African American community; eternity hangs in the balance. Any African American aligning themselves politically with the Democratic Party do so only if they are not genuinely saved, or if they are genuinely saved, they are sinning most egregiously.

One caveat I must interject at this point is I am not advocating that the Republican Party is the bastion of virtue. I did not vote for Mitt Romney in 2008, and as I stated, I did not vote for DJT in 2016. The Holy Bible never commands Evangelicals they must vote. If the Evangelical cannot in good conscience vote for either of the major political parties, then the Evangelicals can refrain from voting altogether. They can vote for a third-party candidate, or they can write in a candidate.

My fixed position and unyielding thesis are it is wholly untenable for any Evangelical, seeking to be faithful to the Word of God, can, in good conscience, vote for any candidate from the Democratic Party, as presently constituted.

I say it boldly, but I say it with fear and trembling. I believe my book makes a compelling case, more than I can do in a three-page blog post. Please consider purchasing a copy. You can find it on

As always, and especially now, let me know what you think. Especially so after taking the time to read my book. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One.

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