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Evangelicals & Parenthood

Insisting that marriage and parenthood involve both a man and a woman is not anti-gay; it’s pro-child. (Katy Faust)

I am reading Katy Faust’s riveting book “Them Before Us,” which deals with child-rearing ideologies destroying the Family in this increasingly debased generation.

She advocates society must place the need of children before the selfish whims of adults.

I love that she declares we have to take a public stance. Parenting is a crucial component in raising a family. The healthiest and most God-honoring manner of raising a child is with their biological mother and father.

Come whatever scorn or backlash I receive, any other manner of child-rearing is sub-biblical and will inevitably fail in its pursuit, no matter how well intended they may be.

This world is openly mocking God’s prescription for human flourishing with same-sex marriage, cohabitation without marriage, and artificial manners of conception.

The most direct victim in embracing these non-biblical child rearing ideologies is the child, but society will continue to bear the brunt of rejecting God’s way.

Satan has blinded us to believe we can craft our own way to thrive, yet God sits in heaven and laughs in derision at our foolishness.

A child will flourish best when raised by a biological male and female, not with two moms or two dads. God designed it so that a female needs the love of her biological father in a way her biological mother could never and vice-versa.

Whether it is too late to repent nationally, I do not know, but I implore you to repent individually while there is life in your mortal soul.

I write because I want my nays to be nay and my yays to be yay on the public record. Jesus Christ does not have any secret agents, so I stand for God’s way, and that is found only in the Personage of Jesus Christ and in God’s Word: the Holy Bible.

Same-sex child-rearing can never take the place of a biological male and female raising a child in the fear and admonition of an Almighty God!

My only objective source for truth is found within the sixty-six books of God’s Word: His manual for this life and to inherit eternal felicity with Him.

As always, let me know what you think of no. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One!

With fear & trembling,

Ricky Kyles, DEd.Min

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