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Evangelicals and Moral Laxity

How in the world one believes you can touch hot things and not get burned is a prime example of “Stinkin Thinkin” taking place far too often in the professing Evangelical community. The Chicago Public School (CPS) System recently approved the distribution of condoms to students.

Why in the world would anyone attempt to register surprise? When you elect an openly homosexual individual to govern your city, what did you really expect to happen? What true basis did you expect the person who openly acts in a manner defiant to the expressed will of God to govern if given a chance?

The people of Chicago deserve everything they experience for the blatant rejection of God’s means of human flourishing. It is mind-boggling that people actually believe they can spit in the face of God, and God would respond with His holy displeasure.

Now, I know I will face severe criticism for expressing any opposition to Lori Lightfoot’s freedom to chose her own sexual orientation, and my response to you would be: bring it on! I will not bow to the public’s demand to bend the knee. Even if I were to go at it alone (and I do not), I will never refuse to call sin “sin.”

Religious liberty is a bedrock principle that the Republic's founders wisely decided would be the First Liberty. An organization called First Liberty has the following mission statement:

Defending American’s First Freedom

Religious freedom is the first freedom outlined in the First Amendment of the Constitution, and for good reason: it is the foundational right that all others are built upon. And if this cornerstone freedom ever falls, all other freedoms would be at risk of tumbling as well. That’s why protecting and defending it is so important—because to fight for religious freedom is to fight for the future of all freedoms.

Please note the organization First Freedom’s supposition, which is religious freedom is the foundational right that all others are built upon. I know this does not move the needle for most, including professing Evangelicals, but none of this comes as any surprise to the astute Evangelical observer.

You can be naïve if you choose, but the CPS decision to distribute condoms will be a colossal failure. What legitimate basis, what legitimate moral ground would justify a school-age student having the moral or ethical basis for possessing condoms at such an early age?

It is utterly bereft of rational thinking to believe society will strive by adopting a policy of distributing condoms to students as young as eleven years old. This precisely happens when people decide they are a law onto themselves, and they have the inherent authority to govern their lives as they see fit.

When you choose to reject the Creator’s sovereign right to impose obligations upon His creatures, then it becomes the Wild, Wild West and might make right. We should only expect similar actions to occur because once you let the genie out of the bottle, moral insanity only grows in quality and quantity.

I can remember when my first daughter was experiencing a hormone imbalance. The doctor recommended I allow my daughter to take birth control pills to regulate her hormonal imbalance, and my answer, with no need for consultation with my wife, was a firm and hard Hell Naw.

My daughter has had to endure the effects of the hormone imbalance, but that would be the price as her father I take full responsibility for which I am ready to stand before my maker. I continue to stand convinced that giving my daughter birth control pills would send the wrong signal even for regulating her hormonal imbalance.

As my daughter’s spiritual covering, I take most seriously my God-ordained responsibility to safeguard my daughter from undue and unnecessary temptations. Growing up in our highly sexualized culture is hard enough under the most pristine conditions that I do not need to add more factors for my daughter to navigate.

My momma astutely taught me my goal should always be if I can not help you, then I do not want to hurt you. Unfortunately, we were never able to resolve my daughter’s hormonal imbalance medically. That is most unfortunate, but I have no regrets whatsoever, and I would do the same exact thing one hundred times out of a hundred.

Regardless of the stated reasons for CPS's decision to distribute condoms to students as young as eleven, the moral implications are clear and obvious. Many students, not all, but many, will take advantage of the distribution to participate in sexual relations. Granted, there will be many who would have done so even without the distribution of condoms, but those in authority should never facilitate sin.

God has granted the government the authority to establish conditions for human flourishing. Distributing condoms to young people is not God’s best, and you best believe the decision by the CPS will be an unmitigated disaster.

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know why you take the position you do. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One.

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