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Updated: Feb 22

 Do two walk together,unless they have agreed to meet?  Amos 3:3

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

While I had planned my next blog post to address the fervor created when noted Pastor Alistair Begg came under fire (well-deserved per my biblical worldview) for his counsel to a grandmother seeking his pastoral counsel on whether she should attend her grandson’s same-sex marriage. Lord willing, I still plan to address this ever-increasing vexing issue that will only grow in relevance for Evangelicals seeking to remain faithful to the Word of God.


What has captured my attention is the fanfare and accolades directed to State of Georgia Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis in recent days. I acknowledge I have not personally watched nor personally witnessed one second of the courtroom antics of Miss Willis, but I trust the observations of a trusted Sista Gurl in Christ.


Sista Gurl commentary


Working and listening to ATL, District Attorney, Fani Willis testify about her sexual relationship with a staff member. She has a NASTY attitude!!! She has been rude to the prosecutor and got the judge straight.


She (and her ex-boyfriend) have lied & they may be disbarred!



She is an officer of the Court, yet she was irate and treated all in the proceeding with such disrespect!!!


For the sake of argument, I will take the aforementioned assessments at face value based on the trusted reliability of my dear Sista Gurl in Christ. Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section if you demur.


My simple query is two-folded:


Why is AA Facebook awash with glowing posts of affirmation and admiration for Miss Willis?

Why was I met with immediate scorn and ridicule from a member of a Facebook Group of alleged fellow member of the Right for my condemnation of Willis?


Just recently, someone told me they could not get behind subscribing and supporting my blog posts because I continually spoke negatively regarding AAs. I will go to my dying grave forever failing to understand the logic behind such a statement.


I consciously blog as I do so because we all know what would happen if a Caucasian, no matter how well-intended, would put pen to paper or, as in my case, finger to keyboard and write as I do.


One good definition of truth is what corresponds to reality. Thus, if something occurs in time and space and is observable, one can reliably come to a truthful conclusion. Hopefully, you took careful note of the insertion of reliably because our thinking can be easily flawed. Yet, there is still a reasonable expectation we can come to a reliable understanding of reality, thanks to God’s common grace.


In plain talk, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then I am going to safely call it a freaking duck.


I join many of my fellow AA Conservative thinkers like Jason Riley, Delino Squires, Thomas Sowell, and Glenn Loury. I firmly postulate that one of the prominent pathologies in the AA community is The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations. Michael Gerson coined this phrase, and he defines it as


Not expecting disadvantaged people or minorities to meet the same standard of behavior or achievement set for most people. It is called "soft bigotry "

because it is a more subtle and subconscious form of prejudice.

Thus, consistent my expectations for AA, most especially professing AA Evangelicals:


O.J. Simpson did not become a hero or now a genuine member of the AA community because he likely got away with cold-blooded double murder. Nothing grieved my heart more as the media showed AAs wildly celebrating Simpson’s acquittal, while Caucasians watched in stunned silence. The rationale that AAs celebrated Simpson's acquittal as payback for past injustices was and remains inexcusable and morally repugnant. Two lives, created in the Imago Dei, were brutally butchered and still await God’s final judgment.


Beyonce and Jay-Z are not role models just because they slept numerous times at the White House or sell zillions of records.


Snoop Dog is still a repulsive individual, no matter how many corporations use him as their pitchman. Just for the record, I no longer drink Coronas.


Fani Willis’ wanton conduct in the Georgia courtroom is not cause for rejoicing, no matter your political leaning towards Donald J Trump.

Surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly given our current Evangelical culture, when I posted my disgust with Social Media’s adoption of Willis as the new flavor of the day, a member from the alleged political Right rebutted my Facebook posit with


Can’t be the same said of those who see anything positive in Trump


Every parent of a child as young as three-year-old is constantly assaulted by such sophomoric reasoning. “ ‘So and so’ is allowed to do it” or “No one says anything when ‘such and such’ does it.” If that crap does not work when the three-year-old does it what makes one think it will work on a fifty-nine-year-old like me.


I am going to say what your Caucasian neighbor is never likely to tell you, at least never directly to your face:


We, as AAs, have to do better!

We have to demand more from one another!

We have to quit making heroes out of villains!


As I learned from Dr. Glenn Loury, no one is coming to save us.


I echo Jason Riley when he exhorts well-meaning Caucasians to Quit Helping Us by excusing unacceptable behavior and apologizing for actions you did not commit.


I query, as Dr. Thomas Sowell queries, how AAs made more gains in all human capital markers under oppressive Jim Crowism than we do today.


The answer to all of the above was our adherence to time-honored principles like Personal Agency and Meritocracy. I have blogged on these particular topics and invite you to search my blog site and read those blog posts for a more detailed analysis.


At yet another risk of accusations of hating black people, I will submit things will not change unless and until the AA community looks first inward before we gaze externally.


Racism is alive and well; it will be until Jesus Christ returns and vanquishes every ism but racsim is not the pressing issue causing AA pathology by a long shot.


Fani Willis apparently does not have the ability to blush. Yet, why should she when she is confident it will lead to public adulation?


Look in the mirror because that person you see may be the source of your most significant problem to overcome.


Lord willing, my next post will address the thorny question of whether Evangelicals, seeking to be faithful to the Word, can ever, in good conscience, attend a same-sex marriage.


Spoiler-Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert: my answer is a big fat NO, period, full-stop and end of story!


As usual, let me know what you think. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One.


With fear and trembling

Ricky V Kyles DEd. Min

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