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Thinking Critically from an Evangelical worldview

This site has one unapologetic objective: to destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and to take every thought captive to obey Christ all day, errday, and twice on Sundays.

About Us

I love to tell people, "I am a simple country boy from Mississipi." I love to tell people that because it is true, even as I was raised in Chicago, IL. I am still a good ole country boy with simple values nonetheless. I was reared in an imperfect but still sovereignly blessed home with two parents uniquely ordained by God, just tailored made for Ricky Verndale Kyles. I do not become the Ricky I have grown to be without James Earl and Ethel Lynn Bardley Kyles. I submit the grounding of my success, humanly speaking, was a Father and Mother in the home, period, end of story, full-stop!

Neither of my parents possessed great education, but they knew education was the key for their four boys. I reject the ill-founded worldview of those from the Left. America is, always was, and always will be severely flawed (all of creation is flawed since the Fall), but America is still the best this sin-cursed world has to offer humanity.

Yet that is not the narrative you receive from the Wokeites on the Radical Left. They posit the wrong problem, and thus, they posit the wrong solution. I submit and will proclaim to my dying breath that the only remedy is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The solution will never be the Social Gospel, not BLM, and most certainly aligning oneself's with the Democratic Party as presently constituted.

This will be the meat and the drink of this website: to make much the name of Jesus Christ. Every blog article (from me and others), every video, every post will have that as the chief and only aim. If you share my heartbeat, then welcome aboard. If it is not, then I pray you to come to know Jesus Christ of Nazareth before you take that last breath.

With fear & trembling,

Dr. Ricky V Kyles Sr.

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Weighed and Found Wanting




Dr. Ricky Verndale Kyles Sr. writes as one who understands all too well that he is pushing against strong and passionate tides in the

        African American Evangelical community. He fully knows that his theological reasoning regarding proper Evangelical political

engagement is clearly the Minority Report in the African American Evangelical community. Yet, he understands the stakes are high

       (salvation for some and loss of rewards for others) and strongly believes the truth of any matter can never be determined by counting

noses. Many do not realize that when the Bible speaks of glory, it connotes the idea of weight or heaviness.

Certainly not in the sense one would think of an object made of lead. No, when we speak of weight in theological terms,

        we refer to matters of supreme importance and substance. No one ever wants to be considered a lightweight, and no one ever wants to be told they do not measure up or that they come up short. Yet this is precisely the charge Dr. Kyles is laying at the

feet of many in the African American Evangelical community. Despite their verbal affirmations of fidelity to the Lordship of

         Jesus Christ, to the tune of 88–94 percent, African American Evangelicals continue to align themselves politically with a political party

that (1) endorses the slaughter of life in the womb on demand (2) redefines the traditional understanding of marriage as one

man and one woman for natural life and (3) embraces the radical rejection of gender binary identification. Dr. Kyles understands,

like the saints of old would say, “it is getting late in the evening, and the Sun is quickly going down.” Dr. Kyles believes it is

         quite possible if it has not already happened, that the African American Evangelical community will usher in an unparalleled time of

          God’s strong hand of discipline for their complicity in the social areas of abortion, marriage, and gender UNLESS there is genuine                      repentance. It must be repentance that bears and manifests real fruit. The desired repentance did not materialize with the national

         elections in 2020, so now we divert our attention to the mid-term election in 2022 and beyond as the Lord tarries His coming. There                    remains time due solely to God’s benevolence, but there must be a profound sense of urgency. I regret that God will find many in the African American Evangelical community Weighed and Found Wanting unless that happens.


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